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Most of the top bookmakers accept esports bets in one way or another. But not everyone cares about betting on virtual competitions as conveniently as on ordinary sports. Which of the Kazakhstani bookmakers is worse and which is better in terms of offering these rates? Which BC sites should you pay attention to first of all, if you are interested in exactly bets on e-sports disciplines It is more convenient and interesting for players when bookmaker sites provide bets on a bunch of different events in an e-sports tournament or match. At the same time, it is important that the bookmaker offers for bets not only top tournaments, but also qualifying games or regional competitions.

Painting. Even better, when the bookmaker schedules each event for a maximum of all possible betting options, offers bets not only on the outcome of the match, but also on individual game moments. For example, in CS: GO it can be a victory on one of the maps, and in League of Legends – bets on “First Blood” or the first tower taken.

Odds. As in any other sport, the rates for e-sports directly depend on the bookmaker’s margin, that is, a kind of “commission” for organizing a bet. The larger the margin, the lower the odds per event, which means that the player’s winnings are less. The more modest the margin, the better for the bettor.

Limits. These are the minimum and maximum bets. Someone wants only to have fun by placing bets on CS: GO for a couple of dollars, while someone believes in the team so much that they are ready to play for high stakes. A good bookmaker should satisfy the needs of both.

Live service. In-game (live) bets in eSports are of particular importance, therefore, this criterion could not but participate in the compilation of this rating. Among the fans of esports betting, the bookmaker that is ready to accept live bets and provide a technically comfortable game will be more appreciated.

Bookmakers that can offer the best service in all these criteria are ranked higher in the Legalbet rating.

For those who want to bet on Dota 2, CS: GO and other disciplines, it is important to correctly approach their prediction. For more details on how esports betting works, read the article in the School of Betting:

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